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We, at MY CHILD, have age and developmentally appropriate programms, equipment, and curriculum. Our curriculum is developed from a mix of researched based and international standards driven programs including Montessori-themed teaching, that are integrated into our themes to produce a meaningful and fun way for children to learn.

A curriculum theme is introduced weekly or biweekly and expanded throughout each classroom. This school-wide integration provides reinforcement of content, as well as, multiple opportunities for knowledge acquisition in the learning style of the child. The themes are visible throughout the center in props, enrichments, and decor, and each theme is taught through a variety of activities. Your child's teacher prepares the weekly lesson plan so that it aligns with the theme and is age and developmentally appropriate. Activities within the lessons are always tailored to fit the need of individual children.
Core Components

All children can achieve at high levels if given the resources to succeed. These resources are the core values and the cornerstones on which our program is built.

Good Educators : We believe that a child's teacher is the most important asset in quality education. We hire only the most experienced and qualified teachers who will have a positive effect and realize their significant role in the life of each child.

We, at MY CHILD, believe that children have a natural and innate desire to learn about their world, and it is up to us as educators to make the learning process exciting, tangible, and meaningful. Our educators believe in this philosophy and are committed to quality teaching, making your child's early learning experience both positive and engaging.

Stimulating Enviornment

An excitement for learning and an enthusiasm for the school experience are fostered through the dynamic theme-based and activity-centered environment found at MY CHILD.

Each CHILD is given the opportunity to experience success while being guided through a well-balanced program of individual projects, small group activities, and large group interactions. We are committed to providing a fun-filled, rewarding program that meets each child's intellectual, physical, social, creative, and emotional needs. Your child's typical day will include individual attention, gentle guidance and instruction, developmentally appropriate activities, and exposure to reading, math, science, art, and music. To meet the needs of a 21st century LEARNER, our curriculum has been designed with a problem-solving focus. This allows children to utilize knowledge from all subject content areas in order to fully explore the current curriculum theme.

Until the age of five years, Indian students are considered precocious and clever; testing indicates they rank among the world's most capable children. By grade 5 and grade 10, their rank ing falls substantially.

That result is a system problem, not a child problem. Schools must offer students more complex and accelerated learning. Individualized curriculum, allowing for the variability of development, plus an opportunity to learn meaningful curriculum is the avenue for remarkable student achievement. Questioning and integrating various disciplines of study is vital to the process of knowledge acquisition and curiosity. MY CHILD believes in enhancing the natural curiosity of the young LEARNER. Playful experiences to develop language, social understanding, and perception are the elements of preschool. Students expand vocabulary and develop communication skills through interactions with clever peers and creative educators. Perceptual activities develop a foundation for reading, mathematics, movement, music, science and the visual arts. Classrooms invite interactive participation and self-regulation with activity centers for blocks, computers, painting, sand and water, drama, and much more.
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